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Thank you for visiting official website of DAEJIN FILTER.

"DAEJIN FILTER ENGINEERING", Which managed to grow on the fountation of continuous concerns and trust of our clients, succeeded in development of NANO FIBER COMPOSITE FILTER through extensive research and development over prolonged period of time and is now about to be reborn under new company name of "DAEJIN FILTER". We will expand our business area to various applied products related with air & water pollution control system through continuous researches.

Company History

Dec 2011: Expansion of new factory (63-1, Yeonhwa-ri, Jicheon-myeon, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 718-821, korea)
Nov 2011: Cange company name of 'DAEJIN FILER'
Oct 2010: Obtained Certificate 'Venture Company'
Jul 2009: Highly specialized and qualified in parts and materials
Jul 2008: Application of certificate of NSF 42
May 2008: Release of Under Sink and Counter Top Water Purifier
Apr 2008: Release of portable Nano Water Purifying Bottle
Jan 2008: Application of trade mark of “Samnano”
Jan 2008: Patent application of Portable Water Purifying filter
Oct 2007: Participated in “Goods Fair of Distinguished Small & Medium Business of Daeku and Kyoungbuk
Sep 2007: Participated in International Materials & Components Industry Show 2007
Aug 2007: Participated in Nano Korea 2007
Aug 2007: Patent application for Nanofilter (Japan, USA)
Jul 2007: Application of certificate of NSF (National Sanitary Federation)
Apr 2007: Patent registration for Complex Filter using Nano Material (No.0714219)
Mar 2007: Appointed as “Star Business in Daeku”
Dec 2006: Appointed as INNO-BIZ
Aug 2006: New Product Launching Show
Sep 2006: Participated in Noano Korea 2006
Dec 2004: Development of Industrial Fiber Filter using Carbon Nano Material (host by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Oct 2004: Development and release of Digital Manometer
Mar 2004: Obtained Certificate ISO 9001:2000
Dec 2003: Patent registration of Filter Housing of Water Purifier (No.0335896)
Dec 2003: Patent registration of Filter Manufacturing Equipment (No.0304297)
Jun 2001: Released Micro Clean Filter
Sep 2000: Released HEPA, MIDIUM, DRY PACK and CARBON Filter for air conditioning
Feb 1007: Released Melt Blowing Micro Filter for food and beverage
Feb 1997: Released Rotary Valve
Nov 1995: Released Bag, Cage, Timer and Venturi
Oct 10 1995: Main Office and Factory moved to Wolam-dong Daeku City
Oct 1993: Released air conditioning Pre-Filter
Sep 1993: Expansion of 2nd factory
Mar 1993: Released WYND Filter for industrial water purification
Apr 1990: Company founded in Wondae-dong Daeku City

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