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DAEJIN FILTER R&D team is making ceaseless efforts and investment into supply of more lucid and cleaner water and air by leading the trend in new technology through manufacturing of nano fiber composite filter by applying nano technology. We shall continue to put our utmost efforts in development of nano technology and products through continued cooperation between industry and academia.
Filter product using electro-spinning technology can achieve improvement in performance and reduction in cost at the same time by substituting the existing pleated membrane and ultra-filtration (UF) that are currently used in water purification industry and precision filtering industry. We are conducting systematic research on future new technology related to NANO FILTER in association with nana practical application center and various universities.
No Patent/Program Country Date of application Application Registration Order/Application Registration No.
1 Cartridge air cleaner dust collection filter for work place Korea 2002.07.02 Registration of Utility Model /Registration No. 0281914
2 Filter manufacturing equipment Korea 2003.02.03 Registration of Utility Model /Registration No. 0304297
3 Filter housing for water purifier Korea 2003.12.02 Registration of Utility Model /Registration No. ?0335896
4 Door clamp for dust collector Korea 2004.12.02 Registration of Utility Model /Registration No. ?0370288
5 Filter fabric for air cleaner for plating Korea 2004.05.17 Patent registration / Patent No. 0433176

Composite fiber filter using nano material and its manufacturing equipment and method

Korea 2007.04.26 Patent registration / Patent No. 0714219
No Program
(Executing Department / Institution)
Project Total Development Period
(Start - Finish)
Total Budget
1 Regional Industrial Technology Development Project
(Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
Development of industrial fiber filter using carbon nano material 2004.12.01~
740 1차



























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